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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


While researching the band Deliverance, I came across a lot of references to AOR bands. This was an entirely new term to me, and had me confused for a while. Apparently Tightrope is considered an AOR record, Lasting impressions is borderline, and Give It A Try is of no interest to AOR lovers. Well, from the context I assumed that AOR would have something to do with the progressive rock and rock opera phenomenon, like YES and Boston. Well, I wasn't too far off. I just found a definition:

AOR is an abbreviation of Album Oriented Rock, originally an American FM radio format focusing on album tracks by rock music artists rather than singles releases.

In some markets the term AOR was re-positioned as Adult Oriented Rock, implying that 'adults' were more likely to buy albums rather than singles.

Some notable AOR bands:

  • Boston
  • Foreigner
  • Journey
  • REO Speedwagon
  • Survivor
  • Toto

I am sure that all three of the Deliverance albums listed above fit into this category, but acknowledge that Give It A Try may be too 70's mellow to be able to stand in the same class as the groups listed above.


Blogger Alredhead said...

Heehee. I read your profile (it's what I went to first when I clicked on your name...) and it's funny. Especially your answer the the random question they give.

Thanks for visiting and posting! It's nice to have great feedback.


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