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Friday, September 24, 2004

Lyrics & MP3's

I have a lyric page that I will continue to add too until it is finished. Words in [square brackets] are those words lost in the music that I cannot make out. If you know the offial words, please let me know and how you know! To access the page, click on the Deliverance Album collection picture. Click on it again to come back here.

To facilitate downloading through firewalls, web-filters, etc., zipped mp3 clips are available at their respective album's in the sidebar. Only song files from deleted records will be offered here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Tonight I was thinking, let's put my old Deliverance-Tightrope record on CD. As most people, the records are replaced by CD and so I'm also trying to do with old records. Just thinking I could find some lyrics I came on your site and found the mp3 to my suprise.
Even the cover was there! You made my life eassier!

And just nice to know: I saw Deliverance at Kamperland Muziekfestival in The Netherlands, I think it was 1980, and it was raining. However, it was really good music (that's the reason why I came home with this album). And still there are songs I like, even want to know the lyrics and the chords so I can play myself. Maybe once you can help me?

Enjoy life!

Hans Heijmans
The Netherlands

2:55 PM  

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