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Monday, October 04, 2004

Pre-Deliverance Deliverance

Ok, so I was going through my Christian Record box, and I found a record I have never played before: Janz Team Singers. I look at the back and found Ken Janz, plus three other members of Deliverance - Give It A Try. The only person out of place (in our context) was Jack Stenekes, who would go on to be the head of the music ministry for the Janz Team in the late 70's. In fact, our families moved from Canada to Germany at the same time, using the same shipping crate, in which he transported his grand piano, and all of our 'moving barrels'.

The album has been added to the Related Works column, and three of the songs have been added. One is written by Ken and his uncle Hildor Janz, and another is written by Herb Remple.


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