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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Since the last post Ken Janz has written a tell-all book (A Rebel in God's Hands) about his not so exemplary life after Deliverance, Paul's son Chris has released a CD on a major Christian label, Ken's son Andrew is a rising star, (see http://leojanz.blogspot.com/ for even more Janz news), every major music WIKI suddenly has a SLEW of Deliverance and Janz team information (nothing existed when I started this blog... which is WHY I started this blog...) and there has been nothing new from Danny. C'mon Danny... we loved your Deliverance covers!

This is my yearly post to this Blog. Just to keep it alive I guess. My basement is in shambles as I renovate, but I promise to get back to recording old vinyl when my basement work is done. I've been working on it since mid-2006. It will be so much more comfortable down there when it is bright, warm and furnished. I can't wait. In the mean time there will be no projects in the works... no new old music.