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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Better Versions

The 'Other Paul' from from the "TGBTG and "Give It A Try" albums (far left on the TGBTG cover) graciously provided some additional information on the song "Steine", as well as some better copies of a few songs.
He wrote: I noticed that your audio on 'Last Road to Forever' was not great so I have attached a slightly different version that you may want to use. Steine is the German version and the video is from the Eurovision 1981 competition in which the guys competed and I believe came second... The second tune shows unparalleled vocals, even by today's standards. Pitch, timing, clarity and tone are dead on! Rich!! "When we see Christ"

Here are the new tunes:
JANZ: Last Road to Forever

When We See Christ (German)