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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Janz Team's Twilight Years

As the Janz Team fades from view, I had an opportunity to visit the last torchbearers for the Janz Team - Bob & DeEtta Janz. They told me that Black Forest Academy runs the show now, with their Teach Beyond ministry. The Janz Team as such no longer exists. The offices are empty, the tapes are destroyed, the people have moved on. Bob & DeEtta's ministry includes leading local bible studies, creating their own CD's and reissuing Janz team music, copied from sources other than original tapes, and given away as donation-ware. They told me stories of people emptying out their closets, and wondering what to do with their old Janz team music (give it to me), and honestly believing that no one out there would be interested in this old stuff (give it to me!), meanwhile, here at LastingImpression, I get many requests for the old gospel music that played such a big part of baby boomers' lives (GIVE IT TO ME!!!). Anyways, here's a Dropbox link to the four CD's they shared with me: After Janz Team. These albums are not available anywhere else.