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Friday, October 15, 2004

Where The Roses Never Fade

Yesterday we buried my wife's mother.
Her cousins sang a special number, which of course was familiar to me, but seemed too familiar, like I had just heard it yesterday. Later that night as I was lying in bed, it struck me why that song seemed so close ... it is on the Danny and Paul album, If I Ask - track #3.
That song now has a new significance to me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

More Danny and Paul

On the advice of a friend, I went to a self-help store today and scored big-time. I got two Janz Team Singers albums (with Ken Janz) and the Danny Wayne and Paul Album Salvation Song.

My list looks like this:
Janz Team:
Janz Team Singers
Janz Team Singers / frieden
Danny Paul Wayne / Salvation Song
Jack Stenekes / Children Of Time*
Hildor Janz / Ja, das ist wunderbar*
Hildor Janz Harding Braaten / Two Soloists*

Salvation Song mp3's will not be offered here because that album has been re-released on CD.

*Remember that this is a Deliverance site, so the other Janz Team albums are of secondary interest to me.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The elusive first of four Deliverance Albums

I have finally seen and heard the first of the four Deliverance albums. My memory of the album has faded over the years, and this album cover looks totally different than what I had pictured but it is, nevertheless, the first Deliverance Album. - To God Be The Glory.

The music is unique in that it departed from the church songs and hymns of previous Janz Team records, and concentrated on the more modern and youthful music of the day. Authors include Andrae Crouch, Bill and Gloria Gaither, Barry McGuire, Chuck Girard, as well as one by Deliverance member Nils Kjellstrom and another by Paul Janz.

Danny and Paul Janz had already been covering some of these composers on their previous albums, including one by Larry Norman... one of the earlier covers of Larry Norman's tunes. This new band Deliverance combined the Janz Team Singers with Danny and Paul and created a dynamic new tool to reach the youth of the mid-70's.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Pre-Deliverance Deliverance

Ok, so I was going through my Christian Record box, and I found a record I have never played before: Janz Team Singers. I look at the back and found Ken Janz, plus three other members of Deliverance - Give It A Try. The only person out of place (in our context) was Jack Stenekes, who would go on to be the head of the music ministry for the Janz Team in the late 70's. In fact, our families moved from Canada to Germany at the same time, using the same shipping crate, in which he transported his grand piano, and all of our 'moving barrels'.

The album has been added to the Related Works column, and three of the songs have been added. One is written by Ken and his uncle Hildor Janz, and another is written by Herb Remple.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Tightrope Radio Mix

In 1980 Tightrope was played several times a day by our local station. At the time I didn't have a copy of the Tightrope album, so I didn't think anything of the version that played on the radio except that I liked it. Very much. In fact when it came on, my 15 year old brain stopped working, and I would sit in a daze until that song was over. I like the song so much that I taped it off of my clock radio into a mono tape recorder and played it over and over again. I resented the DJ for talking over the beginning and end of the song. I tried to erase his loathsome voice, but didn't want to cut into the song even more.

When I finally found a couple of Tightrope albums a few years later, I realized what I had done. I had captured, poorly, the only existing copy of the rare North American Heavy Guitar remix of the song. At least I assumed that was the case. I have been scouring garage sales, delete bins, and record sales looking for that white jacket copy with zero success. My plea to you is this: if you know of a copy or have a copy of this version, please let me know so that I may fulfill my last life-long dream of hearing that version in it's full-blown bass guitar filled glory.
In the meantime, turn OFF the subwoofer (remember, my source is a 3" speaker), and enjoy a no-sax rendition of Tightrope:

These mp3's may need the Quicktime 6 plug-in to display properly.
Here is the above song, in case the embeded version doesn't work like, for example, in my IE 5.2 Mac (grrr). Open source browsers like Firefox and Mozilla work great.
Here is the original version of the taped song. in .AIFF (.WAV but with the Mac's byte order 35.6 MB) or .MP4 (.AAC 6.8 MB).
It cleaned up pretty good considering the original quality. If your studio can do better please send me a copy.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Tightrope is online

Here is the last album of Deliverance (click on the picture on the right-->). Not the last of the music the indivual members will create, but the end of the collaberation and perfect blend of voices that made Deliverance a great vocal band. After this they leave a musical legacy, carried on by their own individual careers and now their childrens.